Aliens got my java. It's payback time!

I was thinking the other day, if I was an alien, what would be the one thing I'd come to earth for? Well, for me (and this is totally subjective…) the answer is clear - coffee! 

Now I am not a cosmologist, but it doesn't take a genius to see that the chances of finding coffee in space are very slim. Too bad for the aliens.

Of course I have no proof for my theory, which is why I need your help. Send me proof that aliens abducted your beans, and I will post it here on my blog. And the best part is I will send the world's most expensive coffee to the person with the most convincing proof. After all, if there is one coffee that is surely an alien drink, Kopi Luwak (aka cat poop) is it.

So turn off the lights Mulder and get us some proof. The truth is out there!

(mail text and proof to: eyal(at)


And here's something to get you started: 


Fine print: none….winner is the entry that got the largest number of Facebook "likes". Alien "likes" count too.

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