Aeropress using Aerobie's recommended method

Here is instruction for using Aeropress using the manufacturere recommended method which is a good place to start with using the aeropress. 

-Heat water until boiling I use the mirowave in a glass container. Aerobie recommend using 175F water which I never bother to try because  I think with such low temperature, it would underextract the coffee.-Put the pluger assembly on partly as to prevent liquid dripping down into the cup 

-Put the paper filter into the black cap and engage it into the the main body of the aeropress.

-Put the whole assembly on top of your cup; make sure the table or platform is stable because we don't want any slipage when pressing down on the aeropress causing spilage of boiling liquid. 

-Put some hot water into the aeropress assembly; this step is crucial and accomplish 2 goals: wash the paper taste out of the filter and warming the receiving cup as well as preheat the aeropress.

-Dump the hot water from your cup or mug 

-Add coursely ground coffee (or finer grind you want shorter brewing time; a good starting point is ground that is finer than french press)

-Add hot water to the aeropress up to the #4 mark or less of you want stronger cup of coffee.

-Stir using the included paddle for 10-15 seconds make sure all the ground are saturated

-By now, the liquid level will be less than full so top off with more hot water

-wait  until 1 minute at which point you should stir biefly one more time

-press gently; ideally should last for about 20-30 seconds.

-clean-up the Aeropress and enjoy! 

The whole process should take less than 4 minutes!!

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