Aeropress: How-to Guide

The little brewer that could: light and compact enough to travel with unmatched versatility.


Aeropress, Aeropress paper, metal, or cloth filter

Coffee nerd options:

Grinder, pourover kettle, scale, timer, thermometer

Recipe basics (traditional):

Brew time: 2 minutes

Temperature: 205 deg F

Grind setting: fine

Ratio: 1:6 coffee to water

Below measurements are interchangeable. For example, you can use 26 g of grounds to produce a 5.5 oz cup of concentrate coffee.

Coffee measurement

Water measurement

26 g

160 g

4.75 T

5.5 oz

1. Rinse the filter well with hot water and assemble the brewer.

How to Make an Aeropress Coffee Step 1

2. Add coffee ground at a fine drip setting. 

How to Make an Aeropress Coffee Step 2

3. Add hot water.

How to Make an Aeropress Coffee Step 3

4. Stir to evenly wet the grounds before beginning your plunge at 30 seconds.

How to Make an Aeropress Coffee Step 4

5. Plunge slowly for about 30 seconds. Dilute the concentrate to taste (we suggest equal parts coffee and hot water), and enjoy!

How to Make an Aeropress Coffee Step 5

Inverted Aeropress (see below for more info.): 17 g. of coffee (ground at a coarse drip setting) to 7 oz. of water, with a 1 min. 30 sec. steep and a 30-sec. plunge.

For further exploration:

  • The inverted method for Aeropress has a devoted following and seems particularly well-suited to longer extractions. The idea is to barely insert the plunger into the brew chamber, turn the Aeropress upside down for brewing, screw on the cap (with filter), and then flip the brewer right side up onto your mug when you’re ready to plunge. Careful!
  • For those preferring not to invert with longer extractions, two tips to minimize premature drip-through: (a) try a 20-sec. bloom before adding the rest of your water, and (b) once all of the water has been added, insert the plunger at a slight angle and then pull back up until you’re ready to plunge.
  • Alternate filters are available for the Aeropress in cotton and metal.

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