Aeropress first impression

So today I just got the much hyped aeropress and I'm excited
about trying it out and compare it to other brewing methods. I got the
aeropress from Amazon for pretty much nothing due to having point awards for
Amazon credit card. Also, I'm in dire need of a coffee making device that is
portable enough so I can tote back and forth from school. I'm finding that
without coffee, graduate school lectures which are one and a half hour long
each is very tiring. Additionally, I really miss a good cup of coffee during
study session; sure, my campus has several coffee shops but in my opinion they
don't come close to the quality that I would get from my own freshly roasted
coffee (don't even mention the automatic espresso machines). So, an Aeropress
and a hand-grinder would be a perfect option for my coffee needs at school.

So how does the aeropress perform? I'm sitting here and as I
type sipping on a cup of Tarzanian Peaberry (2010 crop) roasted about 3 days
ago prepared in the aeropress.  It is excellent, just enough body and
taste that can put americano and french press to shame.

What I'm doing right now with the aeropress is heating the water in the microwave until boiling,

grind the coffee to a pretty fine grind
consistency much finer than drip and very close to espresso setting on my
Baratza Vario grinder.

Rinse the
paper filter under the boiling hot water and catching the rinsing water into
the cup to preheat it.

I invert the aeropress; put the ground coffee in and hit it with hot water that is off
the boil for about 1 minutes.

I then stir
for 10-15 seconds to make sure everything are evenly wet.

Then I wait
for 1 minute, stir briefly again and put the filter on.

Then I dump
the hot water in my mug, invert the aeropress and press gently aiming to finish
in about 20-30 seconds.

Then I
clean the aeropress up, easy enough, just eject the puck and rinse under the

Then I enjoy the coffee!!!

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