Aeropress coffee Vs. Espresso

Aeropress coffee Vs. Espresso

To continue my rant with the aeropress, I'm going to compare it to my favorite coffee
brewing method which is espresso. In contrary to what aeropress advertising,
which they claim that the aeropress can make espresso; the coffee from
aeropress has no similarity to coffee that comes out of a traditional espresso
machine save for perhaps both beverage are made from coffee beans.This claim
might in fact mislead customers and potentially lead to disappointment.

So what differentiate espresso from aeropress coffee? Espresso is highly concentrated,
oily and has a layer of thick foam call creama on top of the liquid both of
which is a by-product of high pressure brewing used by espresso machine to
produce the beverage. Aeropress coffee even if you use alot of coffee ground
and very little water still does not becomes espresso, it is just strong

So does this mean aeropress is bad? Of course not! It is very good at what it does
which is making excellent strong coffee. Of course the aeropress is very
versatile, it can be used to make very good "weak" coffee as well!
Either add more hot water to strong coffee to dilute it or add more water to a
given quantity of ground coffee in the aeropress. The aeropress has a lot of
advantages compare to other brewing methods but I won't go into detail here.
When compare to espresso machine, of course the aeropress is very portable! It
is hard to imagine any espresso machines that can be accompany me when I
travel, go to work or go to school, perhaps with the exception of the Mypressi
Twist but I do not yet own that device yet so I don't know.When I'm at work, I
have access to two coffee shops and numerous automatic coffee serving machine
but their quality don't come close to the coffee that I prepare myself using
the aeropress with freshly roasted coffee beans that I also roast myself!

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