Aerobie AeroPress For Me!

ROASTe now offers the Aerobie AeroPress espresso and coffee maker and take it from a convert, this is a fantastic method for brewing our favorite beverage. The first time I saw this device in the wild was in a box on display next to the check out register of a local barbeque restaurant in the Triad region of North Carolina.  Anyone familiar with this part of the world knows they take their barbeque seriously. Someone must have thought a lot of this product for it to make it into the product list next to the world's best ribs and chicken, but I digress. I did not purchase the AeroPress that day but after a minute reading the box I was certainly interested.

As often happens in life, this shiny object came in and out of view for the next couple years on either a vendor's listing or a post on a message board.  I knew I wanted one, but I was not sure I needed one.  One night I read a post where a young man who for personal reasons was divesting himself of his coffee gear. One item in particular was the Aerobie AeroPress and a stack of filters. A couple emails later I became the proud owner of this new (to me) Aerobie AeroPress. 

Once I received  the Aerobie AeroPress in the mail I began searching for the brewing method that best suited me. I say the method that best suits me because there is no right or wrong way to use this device. A quick search reveals many recipes and methods other owners have created to complement the fine method listed in the instructions included in the box. I settled on the simple yet excellent method Tim Wendleboe (A World Champion Barista many times over and a fan of the AeroPress) details in a short but informative video. I will leave the discussion of any detailed brewing for another day though. If you or when you get yours feel free to try that method but do not lock your self in - this device begs for experimentation and rewards the curious with cup after delicious cup. 

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