Adopt-a-Coffee-Farm In the Philippines

A Philippine province has developed a program aimed at saving its coffee industry. The Adopt-a-Coffee-Farm program will hopefully insure continuous growth in coffee production.

The program allows prospective investors to lease land from its owners for the purpose of growing coffee. The governor hopes to attract retirees and young businessmen to invest in the farming opportunity and thus increase the amount of farmland dedicated to coffee. Forty investors signed up at the beginning of the project and the number is growing. Now other provinces have started similar programs.

Filipinos have loved coffee for many years and the demand increases yearly. The average age of the country’s coffee farmers is also increasing so the need was there to encourage new interest, especially among the younger set.

The investor need not do the actual farm work. Each one is matched with land and farmers to work the land and they are encouraged to at least participate on the weekends. Since the plants take three to four years from planting to harvest, the investors are also encouraged to plant other crops in the meantime. A contract usually lasts from five to seven years.

For anyone who dreams of getting into agriculture and has a little money to invest, this is a great deal. They can get involved with the hands-on work as much as they want, and if they don’t like it, they can get out at the end of the contract or just pay others to do the work. None of the related articles reported the likely return on the investment, but since there is more demand than product, it should be good. Although the Philippine government has also invested in the coffee industry, the private investment route holds promise as a way to develop unused farmlands.

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