Able Brewing’s new website to officially launch this week

It’s been said before, but now I think they mean it: Able Brewing’s new website will officially launch this week at some point. For the moment, there’s just this nice-looking placeholder parked at the URL along with a link to a NYT sneak preview of Able’s Kone 3.0, which apparently will feature a bumper, reconfigured hole pattern, and blunted tip.

For updates, you’d be wise to follow Able and/or Prima on Twitter. I see numerous teaser pictures there in addition to enjoyably cryptic updates.

Why is this a big deal? Well, apparently a lot of people like metal-filtered coffee. Koneheads abound online. I don’t own a Chemex and so have managed to avoid pulling the trigger on past versions of the Kone*, but as readers here must know by now I’m a big fan of Able’s new DISK Fine for Aeropress. Keith Gehrke, Able’s founder, was nice enough to trade me a pre-production version for a bag of coffee back in early April, and I’ve been pressing away ever since. The Kone 3.0 and DISK Fine will both be sold through Able’s site, and I gather they have other tricks up their sleeve.

[Note: Please copy/paste the Tweet links below into new tabs or browser windows to view them.]

For example, there’s what looks like a ceramic Sowden-esque brewer.!/ablebrewing/status/203585426106236929

And the promise of a smaller Kone to come. Maybe it will pair with a little glass funnel, as shown here?!/ablebrewing/status/203859114806349825

And the promise of a metal filter for the Yama siphon.!/ablebrewing/status/199295865167429632

And what look like plans for a blog.

And whatever else I missed.

Not sure if there will be promotions/sales to celebrate the launch, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what this innovative company has in store for the manual brewing community going forward.

*Or does the Kone work in devices other than the Chemex? Maybe some of you are aware of better intel.

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