Able Brewing from Coava

Coava is a high-quality roasterie located in Portland, OR. In a city known for its coffee culture, Coava stands out for its quick ascendancy to respectability. Its baristas have done very well in barista competitions, their coffees have been highly scored by Coffee Review, and I can personally attest to their beans' deliciousness.

They also have a spin-off company named Able, which specializes in brewing equipment. Their first release was something called the Kone, a laser-etched stainless-steel filter designed for the Chemex but compatible with the Hario v60 size 02. In its first generation, the Kone was keyed to Robur espresso grinders, not a common home-device. When used with the kind of grinders typically found in homes, the first generation Kone let through too much sediment.

The second-generation Kone was a vast improvement, with its smaller holes and more precise hole-array. It created cleaner cups.

The third-generation Kone is slated to be released soon. It promises an even better hole-array, a blunt cone-tip to prevent cups, and a rubber wraparound band for longevity. Able Brewing's website just went live, so check that out if you'd like further information. The Kone should produce a cup in-between press and paper drip: more body than drip, more clarity than Press. It is also entirely American-made.

Able also makes metal filters for Aeropress, and now a ceramic brewing device not unlike the Walkure. They promise further innovations. Definitely a company to keep an eye on. 

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