A surprise in a cup

Product review Revol Froisses Espresso Crinkle Cups

I went to a café a few weeks ago and they served me a cup of coffee out of a crushed disposable plastic cup.  I was shocked.  I steeled myself to make a hard choice between walking out or just grabbing the cup, downing the coffee and walking out in disgust to look for better coffee somewhere else.  The surprise of this to me was that this was supposed to be a place that really cared about espresso, not just some fly by night joint that served people coffee out of disposable cups and ones that were already trashed at that.  I had decided to rise above it all and drink the coffee and say nothing when I took a slightly closer look.  The cup was a little thicker than the usual plastic cup, in fact it was not plastic at all.  It was a thick walled ceramic cup designed to look like a trashed disposable cup.  They certainly get points for style and fooling me.  

I thought it was funny enough that I brought my wife back so she could experience the same trick.  She loved it and filed the idea away.  Being a loyal supporter of my coffee addiction she surprised me with a gift the other day of a set of these cups.  They are available through Sur La Table.  (I could not find them on Roaste).  

They were a fun gift, but I confess the joy of the cup is the surprise so they are not cups I tend to reach for at home since I can no longer surprise myself.  They are high enough quality that they are perfectly pleasant to drink out of though, so even without the surprise they are still worth considering, but they can never edge out my favorite cups for the ones I grab.  I do sometimes grab them to surprise my guests though.

Here is a link to the products so you can see them for yourself.


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