A Slow Rise to Snobbery

As a teenager my only relationship with coffee was what was poured into a dark brown mug at a fast food ( Hardees ) store.

I thought I liked coffee and felt grownup when I could finish the whole cup. This went on for some years until, at the age of 19 I was able to visit the east coast. Three weeks in New York and New Jersey. I was riding with some friends when one of them upon learning that I had never had an esspresso picked up his jaw and quickly found and old Italian cafe.

This was no hip cafe for the big city elite. No the only patrons were some aged and assumedly of Italian decent, men playing cards and sipping what I would later refer to as the elixer of life! Tony, that was his name, asked if I would like my esspresso black or with cream.

"I don't know. What do you think I should have?" I said. I suppose because I was still wearing diapers ( coffee wise ) he ordered mine with cream.

Do you remember the first time you sipped esspresso? If it was in an old Italian cafe in New Jersey you would not only remember it but you would treasure always!

It was like nothing else I had ever tasted. I could not compare it to anything so as to judge its quality. That didn't matter.  I was blown away! The most amazing flavor slid past my tounge and down my throat. Two swallows, that was it and off we went. To Tony it was probably a quick fix. What awaited me for the next three hours I'm sure you can guess.

Once I returned to my hosts appartment I noticed that I started to quiver. Like an electric currant that wouldn't quit I was flying high on my caffeen buzz.

While that was not so enjoyable I never looked back! I was and still am hooked on great coffee. 

Often people say, "I like coffee". I say, "Really"? When they actually try an esspresso based drink and their nose curles, well....

If they like to drink dirty water thats fine. I don't care. But don't say you like coffee. The less they drink the more for me!

Coffee Snob

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