A round of applause

There have been a few posts on here about the great customer support that people have received, and I have to admit that I am right there with them in receiving some excellent service and I just wanted to highlight my experiences that I have received.

It must be that everyone is happier with coffee because *knock on wood* I have yet to have a bad experience with an coffee vendor whether it be for actual coffee beans or the devices to brew them. Now I have yet had to deal with Roaste with a problem, but if you just take a look around at some of the other blog posts you will see their excellent customer service reputation.

As for me, just getting into espresso I bought a refurbished grinder from Baratza. At the time they didn't have them listed on their web page as up for sale, but thought what the heck might as well shoot an email over and ask. A day later I get an email saying that they have one they are just finished up with the refurbishing process and to give them a call at my leisure. Sure enough a quick call and few days later my grinder arrives to me in excellent condition. Just to further that point a little bit more, I noticed a little crack in my top burr holding in my grinder last week, gave them a quick email and a replacement is the mail free charge and fuss of trying to get them to send it to me. All transactions have been stellar.

Going along with the right at the beginning of buying espresso equipment, I had an excellent dealing with Whole Latte Love. Basically, I decided on getting a refurbished Gaggia Classic from them and bought it. However, the next morning I stumble across a website selling the Classic new for the price of the refurb, my heart sank... I had nothing to lose and sent them an email asking if they would price match a new Classic and change my order. Sure enough they did. It actually ended up being a dollar less than the refurbed unit and it got put back to my card, color me impressed.

Just recently when dealing with Brown Coffee Co, my order got lost in the mail. The tracking number doesn't come up with anything other than they received it. Aaron once I let him know that I had not gotten my order yet without me asking for it sent me a replacement overnight to make sure it got to me. Another impressive show of keeping the customer happy.

All of this just goes along with all of the countless pain free transactions that I have had with coffee vendors all over the net. I have been very impressed by the degree of service that is shown by people in this industry and am really happy to support all of them. I am sure there are probably a few bad interactions that people have had, but it seems like they are few and far between.

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