A Review - Konitz Coffee Bar Cappucino Cups

If you read some of my previous blogs or that of others you are well aware that there are a lot of things that you can buy to go along with your espresso machine, one of the things that I over looked when I first got my machine was cups. So all I had for the first month besides these espresso cups were various coffee mugs. Coffee mugs I found work fine for making an americano, but not so much when making a latte or cappucino. Luckily however I was able to stumble across a pair of these cups by Konitz.

I literally stumbled across these at a thrift store looking through their mugs one afternoon, I always tend to look through the mugs as I like to get the occasional odd looking mug to add to the collection. This time however, I got these nice looking cappucino mugs. The nice thing about these mugs is that they are made from a nice solid porcelain, I've even dropped them a few times on the floor and sink without so much as a chip. I like the fact they can take that abuse because these are items you would like to use everyday without worrying about them breaking.

The size is also right for me as they are about eight ounces exactly filled to the top, which I believe is a nice size for a latte, not too big and not too small. This also works very well with amount of milk I can steam on my Gaggia as 6 oz of milk to the 1.5ish oz I normally pull of espresso works out just right most of the time. Not only that but they have a nice wide open mouth that allows for getting some good latte art action going on occasionally. Because they have that wide mouth at the top they are low to the ground which lets them easily fit under the group so the shot can go straight into the cup without transferring.

Overall they are a great up in both terms of quality and price, at only twenty dollars for a set of four plus saucers they are not going to break the bank like some of those illy collector cups. One other thing, their 6 ounce cups actually hold eight ounces so those are the ones you are looking for.

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