A Real Tweet: Coffee and Cupcakes

Brian Jurgens and Renee Kloeblen are an inspiration as they daily demonstrate how to take hobbies and turn them into a career. They each took a life change and transformed it into gold – income - for both of them. He received a buyout from Sprint and invested it in himself, in his own business doing something he liked- making coffee drinks. She quit teaching as a mom with two children and turned her love of making cupcakes into a business.

They met and combined forces to blaze new ground with a mobile cupcake-coffee business. Their rolling coffee shop is a remodeled delivery truck painted bright red. Taking advantage of social media, they advertise their locations in tweets and take orders over Twitter. In fact one could say that Twitter “drives” their business, even to the point of finding parking spots. It also informs their potentially hungry or coffee-thirsty fans of their locations as they buzz around their business turf - Kansas City MO.

Jurgens roasts the coffee himself, mostly from single origin coffee beans. He prefers the single origin because he likes tasting the flavor nuances offered by the different coffee-producing regions. His coffee is paired with Kloeblen’s cupcakes, which are not your mother’s cupcakes. That is, unless your mom created a menu of unique cupcakes such as “That’s Some Pig” (vanilla pound cake with candied bacon, topped with brown sugar butter-cream and maple-syrup drizzle), and Stubbie (chocolate cake with peanut butter chips inside, topped with chocolate/peanut frosting, caramel sauce, and peanuts). These are cupcakes with attitude, and a competitive edge.

If you get to Kansas City Missouri, and you're craving a cupcake with coffee, tweet "coffeecakekc" and watch for a red truck.

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