A Morning Disaster!

Morning is hardly my favorite time of the day mainly because I like to sleep in. It is precisely because of this that in the morning, I especially need coffee. Usually, when it comes to making coffee, the aeropress is a idiot proof as it gets, all you have to do is dump in the ground coffee, put in enough water to fill up the aeropress, wait approximately a minute and press! But some how, I managed to screwed it up this morning!

I think it probably have to do with the fact that I stayed up until three the night before to study and then having to wake up at six to get ready to go to class that contributed to the aeropress screwed up. What happened was I pour too much water into the aeropress while using the inverted aeropress method and as a result, the ground coffee got into the groove where the filter is suppose to be engaged into. I fiddle with this for about half a minute before being able to force the filter assembly into place (thus having 30 second over the time limit). In the hast to press down the aeropress to prevent over-extraction, I forgot to dump the preheating water from my mug only to find out during the pressing that liquid had overflowed from the mug. The cup of coffee was unsavagable because it was diluted beyound help. I had to start over with another cup of aeropress, this time I was much more careful to not make another mistake! Next time, if I was waking up early like today, I think I would just not bother with doing the inverted method, but I would just use the regular aeropress method; the problem is the cup result that I get from the inverted aeropress method is superior. 

This make me wonder about another thing, that is the convience of an autodrip machine for morning such as today. Today's incidence really make me consider really hard about owning a good auto-drip machine such as the well-liked  Technivorm mocamaster or even a home level Bunn machine such as the one that are available here on Roaste: http://www.roaste.com/store/shop-for-coffee/+type:coffeemaker+tid:176. For those who have experience with these kind of auto-drip machine, I'm wondering is the trade off of cup quality worth it for the convinience that they offer?

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