A Gentleman's Guide to Coffee

Here at Coffee Kind we have collaborated on this guide to come up with the best choices for the gentleman coffee enthusiast or even coffee novice who is looking for something new. There is a wide variety of coffees out there in the world and on our site alone, so we understand that you may want a little direction as to what to try out next. Follow this guide to discover new ideas and coffee inspirations that are perfect for the gentleman coffee drinker on the go and at home.


This strong, coffee drink is for the advanced and experienced coffee drinker. If you haven’t tried it before, it will definitely put some hair on your chest. Drinking an espresso shot (or a double shot) straight, minus the latte part that most people indulge in, is not for the faint of heart. Try out a bold new espresso blend to take you that next step into the coffee world, and give you some street cred at your local coffee shop if you aren’t brewing at home. If you are home brewing, try the Espresso Vita from Vivace Roasteria featured on our site.


Our next suggestion is pour over coffee, which is arguably one of the best ways to brew coffee and extract all the great flavors. This method produces elegant and smooth coffee that is complex in flavor, yet more delicate than coffee made from a drip machine. This is the right choice for the gentleman who is very confident and doesn’t need to drink espresso to prove himself to anyone. Look for Malacara “B”, hailing from El Salvador, on our site if you want a pour over blend that you won’t soon forget.


If you’re feeling somewhere in the middle of these first two suggestions, try the Americano. This coffee drink is made by adding hot water to a shot of espresso, which dilutes the strength a little and makes it similar to the strength of drip coffee but with a different flavor. With this drink, you get the rich flavor of espresso without the overpoweringly strong sometimes bitter aftertaste. Adding water to your espresso allows you to unlock its flavors in a way you might not have thought possible before. If you want to give this drink a try, brew up some Bowtruss Hoist Espresso Blend featured on our site, add some hot water to it, and voila - you have yourself an Americano.

Of course, these are just a few of the many coffee types out there for all you gentlemen coffee drinkers to try, but we think they are a few of the best. See which one is your personal favorite, or maybe you’ll end up liking all three. Drink up!

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