A few parting thoughts.

Just finishing up my day and well I've finished "Uncommon Grounds," pretty interesting read and there is a lot of information there. The book is pretty indepth history into the coffee industry of North America. However, I would like to let the book digest in my mind before offering a conclusive thought on it.

However, I do live in an area where coffee is both appreciated and has a lot of history (San Francisco Bay Area) as I believe Folgers, Hills Brothers and one other that I am forgetting at the moment started in San Francisco. Amazing that big roasters started here serving 49ers their beans for making coffee.

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I took a moment today to make it out to the first Peet's location, which helped start what we are drinking today, good coffee. As you can see from the photo the city of Berkeley has made a historical spot, however the inside of the shop has been renovated as is pretty much identical to any modern Peet's minus a few pictures and what have you. Pretty much identical to the first Starbucks in Seattle if you ever made it out there.

However, it is pretty interesting to think about him helping other roasters get off the ground, notably Starbucks and the fact that when the owners of Starbucks cashed out they managed bought Peet's from Peet. Not to mention that both these big chains started just roasting coffee and that without Howard Schultz wanting to add espresso to Starbucks the whole latte culture may never have materialized in this way and gotten a lot of people myself included familar with coffee. Hell, I may be drinking Folgers!

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From there I was off to the grocery store where I am treated to seeing that all the time. A shelf stocked with amazing roasters that I am lucky to take home on occasion. Unfortunately, they do not get restocked every week so your choice is rather limited, however it's better than the offerings at a Target!

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What's Brewing?

Coffee: Peet's

Method: Auto

Taste: Smoky Dark just like those traditional Seattle blends that we think of!


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