A few good places.

There are a lot of places out on the internet that will tell you how to make coffee and if you do a search of YouTube you can find even more that will show you to make coffee, however they are not all created equal, nor are they all on YouTube.

One of my favorite places to do when I was just starting out with making espresso was to go to Metroplis Coffee's website where they have a Coffee University. The videos are largely targeted at coffee shops because they do talk about things like milk management, but there are a lot of good insights to be gleamed by the home user. They have a video for almost any type of espresso based drink you can think of, and since it had been a long since I was last there I noticed they even had a video on how to make a Redeye, aka a Depth Charge.

However, probably my favorite video there is the one about making latte art, and was probably one of the most helpful videos that I saw on the subject of making the art. I do think there are probably some better videos out there for how to make micro-foam, but for the actual art making this one is a keeper. What I like about is that they show you how to make more than just one shape and it's all right there in the single video.

Another place that I like is the Barefoot Roaster's blog and the videos that they made for making french press, Hario v60 and Chemex. This is not all emcompassing but the video's are done really well and almost zen like just watching them, perhaps I am just weird but I never get tired of giving them another view every now and again. Here below is their video on making a french press.



Unsurprisingly, another good site happens to be the bigger Chicago based roaster, Intelligentsia. Their videos are a lot like the above Barefoot Roasters, but provide a lot more than those three methods. My favorite happens to be the one below that is again almost zen like.


Syphon, Intelligentsia from The D4D on Vimeo.

I hope you guys enjoy these and please share any other places that you like to go!

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