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5 Simple Steps To Maintain and Clean Your Baratza Encore Grinder

When it comes to keeping your Baratza Encore Grinder in peak condition, there are tablets which you can purchase and run through the machine every 4/5 weeks which help to clean out any unwanted excess in the machine.

However, there are also places in which these tablets cannot reach and for this reason, it is recommended to clean the interior of your Baratza Encore Grinder several times during the year. While the number of times you decide to do this will depend on how often it is used, the following process is generally a good idea every two months.

Here is the simple and easiest way to clean a Baratza Encore Grinder:

1. Twist and remove the hopper

Firstly, twist the hopper on top of the grinder, you should notice that it can be easily removed when the nubbins are aligned. Wipe any residue from the nubbin and place this along with the hopper to one side.

2. Remove the top gasket and place to one side

Once the hopper is removed, you will have a clear overhead view of the inside of your grinder. At the very top, you should notice that the top gasket is easy to remove with your fingers and this can also be placed aside until you are finished cleaning.

3. Remove burr and clean with a brush

Underneath the top gasket and in the very center, the burr and holder is the most important part of the configuration which needs to be cleaned. You can take this out and then use a soft brush to remove excess grinds or residue. When finished cleaning this part, again, leave it to one side.  

4. Clean inside the machine (but do not turn upside down)

Similarly, you should insert this same brush into the machine and brush away as much as you possibly can from the inside. It is important to note during this process that turning the machine upside down is a particularly bad idea as this is known to upset the placements of parts inside the machine. Furthermore, you will also notice some professional videos online which recommend that you do this but please note that these videos are heavily criticized by the manufacturers of the product.

5. Brush away all excess and put top back on

Having brushed away all excess on the machine, ensure that the parts are placed back inside in the exact reverse order they were taken out. Having placed the hopper back on top of the grinder, please also double check that you have not missed any parts and the machine is ready to be used.

Cleaning your Encore Baratza Grinder is a worthwhile process but for the sake of putting the grinder back together afterward, please be sure to familiarize yourself with how the grinder is taken apart. That being said, this is a relatively simple process and you are unlikely to have any issue with any of the above so just follow the above instructions, and you should do just fine. If you do run into issues send us a message and we'd be happy to help. 

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