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4 Coffee Drinks to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is finally here and we know that everyone wants to find a new, refreshing summer drink to cool them off. Instead of sweating it out drinking your normal hot coffee drink, try these specialty iced coffee drinks meant for the coffee enthusiast who wants to simultaneously cool off and get their coffee fix.

1.) Cold brew: We all know about the typical coffee over ice or espresso over ice drink, but if you want a twist on this try cold brew coffee! Cold brew can be made using a French press by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for at least 12 hours, without pressing down on the plunger, to extract highly condensed flavors. After allowing it to steep, press down on the plunger, then serve the cold brew over ice. The result is a very condensed and delicious coffee, but it is very strong so consider diluting it a little with milk or water.

2.) Affogato: This is a traditional Italian espresso-based drink that is often found on dessert menus at Italian restaurants. It is made by pouring a shot of hot espresso over a scoop of gelato. Vanilla gelato pairs very well with the espresso, but you can experiment with any kind of gelato you want. This drink is perfect for the coffee enthusiasts with a sweet tooth who want a rich dessert drink that maintains strong coffee flavors.

3.) Coffee Mint Julep: The coffee mint julep is a reimagined take on the classic mint julep drink, but coffee replaces the alcohol, and we don’t miss it. Black Tap in Charleston creates this drink by shaking up a long shot of espresso, honey, and mint in a cocktail shaker, then pouring this mixture over crushed ice and garnished with mint leaves. This drink is a combination of coffee deliciousness and great bartending skills, because the honey and mint pair really well with the espresso. Give this refreshing drink a try this summer and we promise it will be your new go-to drink!

4.) Espresso Tonic: This is also known in some places as café tonics or black tonics, but the concept is simple- add tonic water to espresso. You may be thinking this sounds a little crazy, but after one sip you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before! It is made by pouring a long shot of espresso over bubbly, artisanal tonic water. The unexpected result is a slightly sweet, citrusy taste filled with effervescence and coffee goodness. Whether you are making this at home or ordering it in a local coffee shop, start with 2 ounces of espresso and then 6 ounces of tonic water on the side. Slowly pour the espresso on top of the tonic water to avoid overflowing. Enjoy!

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