Holiday Grogg Flavored Coffee [HOLIDAY EDITION]

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Celebrate the holidays like they do in Scotland with our Holiday Grogg Flavored Coffee. The warm flavor of Scottish brandy, roasted pecans, and dash of cinnamon recall the nostalgia of holidays long ago. You can almost hear the bagpipes as you brew a pot of this warm and tasty coffee.

Blackout Coffee flavored blends are made with premium specialty grade beans and roasted to perfection for a smooth tasting coffee cup.

  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • No Calories or Sugar
  • 110% Guilt Free

PRE-GROUND: For easy brewing and to keep your grinder clean from different flavors.

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Customer Reviews

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Brian Cody
Very good

Great coffee with a good flavor. Reason for 4 stars is only because I (personally) would like a little more of the of the flavors in the Grog infusion.

Andrew Fortunski
No doubt Grogg

I like it, just not used to it yet. I was hoping for more a stronger brandy finish. Still good and again, another super smooth roast!

Love this coffee!

I love a good Grogg and this one is my all time fave.

Lisa Bardill
Delish & smooth

I have never been able to enjoy this flavor of coffee before until now. I have Celiac & all other brands use fake flavoring that is not gluten free. This might be my favorite so far. I still LOVE the Blackout Dark Roast. Just YUM to ALL OF IT!

Gordon Butler
Great flavor

I’m not a coffee aficionado. I just like what I like. I have tried other flavored coffees (not from Blackout) where I couldn’t find the flavor. This coffee is awesome! I really enjoy this and look forward to it every morning.

Allen T
Even Non-Drinkers Love It

I have a partial bag of this at work for when the morning was a little rough. The smell alone once it starts brewing is loved by everyone at my office. There are several people who don't/won't drink coffee at all, and after a little convincing, they tried a bit (straight, no cream or sugar) and even they liked the taste of it. If that doesn't say everything you need to know about this coffee, I don't know what else to say...

Stiemey Wolfgang
Surprisingly Amazing!

I will admit, I bought it for the name. What floored me was the flavor! Incredible!

SSG Casper
Best of the “flavored” coffees on the normal list!

I’m not much for the flavored coffee’s but this one is just great, normally use it as an after dinner coffee since I’m not a huge drinker of coffee, but it is the one I reach for when brewing a cup most often. The flavor tickles the memory of a good spiked coffee (Hot Toddy) with spices and alcohol hinted at but not overpowering the drink, making you want more and more as you drink it. I typically put a pinch of salt and a healthy pinch of cane sugar in for a perfect combination that makes you think of a nice spiced toddy on a cold winters evening.

Michelle Dougherty

I heard the advertisement for Blackout Coffee and was drawn to the values the company promotes. My husband, son and I all drink coffee every morning. But lately the "other brands" are causing acid stomach issues. From the first cup to the last sip this Coffee is smooth and flavorful. Highlander Grogg has hints of vanilla and anise. We love it. In fact we enjoy Blackout Coffee so much that I have purchased 3 additional bags to try other flavors! No more "good to the last drop" hello Blackout Coffee the PERFECT CUPPA EVERY TIME.