20 OZ Tumbler Come And Take It *DEFECT*

**** These tumblers have minor defects. Mainly the engraving is not clear or to our standards, therefore the Sale ****

Optimal Insulation Technology that will hold your drink at the temperature you filled the tumbler cup with, for a long period of time.

The Blackout Coffee Tumbler is the perfect choice to enjoy your favorite beverage at home, office, event or on the go. Allows for 20 oz of liquids to help you stay hydrated throughout the day or night.

Engineered with premium food safe 18/8 stainless steel and double wall vacuum insulated design, that keeps your hot coffee steaming and your cold drinks like ice for many hours. Due to it’s incredible technology it won’t transfer the temperature to the exterior wall, allowing comfortable handling.

What’s a great tumbler bottle without a great closure?
To pair with our outstanding travel tumbler we added a durable, clear, safe, tight fitted and spill resistant sliding lid, to storage and help keep your drink insulated even longer.

Blackout Coffee Tumbler Mug Specs:
Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
18/8 (304) Stainless Steel Construction
Sweat Free Design
Heavy Duty Clear Lid
Tight Fitted Spill Resistant Sliding Lid

Blackout Coffee Tumbler Features:
Keeps Your Hands Dry
Keeps Liquids Ice Cold For Up to 24 Hours
Keeps Liquids Hot For Up to 8 Hours
Fits Most Cup Holders
BPA Free & Eco-Friendly
Laser Engraved Blackout Coffee Skull Logo on One Side
Laser Engraved COME AND TAKE IT Logo on the Other Side

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jeff B
Very pleased

I would barely have noticed the issue with the engraving that resulted in the large discount on this tumbler. I was already planning to spend $10 on an extra lid so getting the lid and mug for that price was a bargain! I'd definitely consider getting another one of these, it works great!

Jim Foster
Great way to keep coffee warm all morning

The only "defect" on these was slightly marred printing. The actual fit, finish and features of this mug are quite good - and there are a couple of features that are really well thought out. Two big likes for me - the insulation is top notch. Coffee poured at 7 is warm until I need a refill. Secondly, the sliding lid with silicone seal is something I've never seen before, but most welcome. It combines spill proofing with the most convenient typs of lid closure. I bought two, and these are daily drinkers for my wife and I. Well done, Blackout!

Jeremy Smith

20 OZ Tumbler Come And Take It *DEFECT*


I realize they were the scratch/ding special due to the laser engravings not being perfect, but they were still fairly clean decals for the price!

20oz Tumbler

tumbler is nice supposed to have defect don't know where looks good all over

Chris Chesley
Defect coffee cup

The cup is like me. Not perfect but totally functional. Thank you for allowing me to be able to afford to promote a company and a right which I believe in and support.