Snickerdoodle Flavored Coffee

It's cookie time! Warm, nutty, chewy cinnamon butter cookie flavor in a cup. Jumpstart your morning with a flavorful cup of joe, that will put a smile on your face and get you ready to conquer the day ahead!

Blackout Coffee flavored blends are made with premium specialty grade beans and roasted to perfection for a smooth tasting coffee cup.

  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • No Calories or Sugar
  • 110% Guilt Free

PRE-GROUND: For easy brewing and to keep your grinder clean from different flavors.

pssst.... flavored coffee taste best when cream/milk and sweetener are added.

Customer Reviews

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Snickerdoodle Flavored Coffee

Great coffee

Love snickerdoodle flavored coffee. This is the best I’ve ever had by far. Rich and smooth—simply delicious. Highly recommend.

Great Flavor without giving up the Coffee taste

My wife chose this flavor as her bag of Blackout when placing our first order. I tried some of it recently and, though I am usually not a flavored coffee guy, this tastes really really good. It has a smooth, full, well-roasted flavor with just a slight sweet-cinnamon aftertaste. Honestly, it reminds me of Christmas. It tastes like the coffee you would feel at home drinking while sitting at the fiireplace near a fir Christmas tree. Just buy it, you'll see what I mean. We will be reordering it.

Very Tasty Cup o' Coffee

After opening the package I could smell 2 things right away. I good rich medium roast coffee and the light smell of snickerdoodle cookies. Sugar, a little spice and hints of cinnamon, but the coffee roast comes through on top. Some flavored coffees favor more "flavorings" than coffee so that the coffee flavor is masked by the flavorings - not this coffee. You get a rich enjoyable coffee with the cookie flavor as accent notes so that the coffee flavor is not overwhelmed by the flavorings. I enjoyed it, but my wife prefers more "flavoring", but we both agree this make a great cup of coffee! I give it 5 starts for flavoring and coffee and my wife gives it 5 stars for coffee and 4.5 stars for the snickerdoodle flavor. Now you taste may very, but in my house I'm more coffee and my wife is more "flavorings". It makes a great cup of specialty coffee and the packaging is outstanding. I would suggest it for anyone looking for a flavored coffee where you can still taste the coffee.

Great Coffee...Amazing Company

I bought a few flavors from this company and the family favorite so far is the Snickerdoodle. The delivery was quick and the coffee tastes great. This company also supports civil liberties and freedom so with that, combined with the great service/product, they’ve earned a lifetime customer!

Snickerdoodle coffee

Upon opening the bag my house smelt amazing. We did a fine grind on the amazing beans that were greasy and flavourful. Brewed a full pot and I enjoyed my coffee with a small amount of cream. It just enriched the intensely sophisticated snickerdoodle flavour. My husband drank his black. There is a perfect roast and texture to these beans.
Thank you
Love that you ship to Canada