SAF 50th Anniversary Coffee Roast

SAF 50th Anniversary Coffee Roast

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Introducing SAF 50th Anniversary Coffee Roast - the coffee blend with a purpose. Crafted in collaboration with the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), this special roast embodies the essence of robust flavor and unwavering support for a cause.

SAF Coffee Roast is more than just your morning pick-me-up; it's a testament to your commitment to safeguarding fundamental rights. With each sip, you'll experience the rich, bold flavors carefully selected from the finest coffee beans.

But the greatness of SAF Coffee Roast extends beyond your cup. For every bag purchased, $2 are generously donated to the Second Amendment Foundation. This means that every brew not only fuels your day but also contributes to the protection and advocacy of Second Amendment rights.

Elevate your coffee experience with SAF Coffee Roast and make a difference one cup at a time. Join us in supporting a cause that matters, all while savoring the exceptional taste of this unique blend.

Contains 12 oz of coffee in each bag.

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Roasts with a Purpose

Not only these coffee roasts are top of the line coffee, they roasted to perfection. A percentage of these roasts sales are donated to support defending the 2nd Amendment rights.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Missy Lane (Atlanta, US)
Comes in Second to Reaper

Couldn’t see anywhere what level of roast this is. We like medium to medium-dark and it falls closer to medium. Taste is smooth and satisfying.


Best coffee hands down

paul rapp (Boise, US)

I bought the SAF 50th anniversary edition roast on a whim. I really didn’t need more coffee but it never hurts to have a spare bag hanging around. Good thing! My neighbor ran out of beans so I gave her the rest of my 2A Guns n Gadgets roast.
Time to get out the SAF 50th.
Great coffee. Smooth. No acid bite. Enough caffeine to wake me up, not so much that I vibrated all day.
If Blackout Coffee ever stops doing their 2A roast, I could easily switch to SAF and be quite satisfied.

Thomas P. (Pittston, US)

Love this brew, I only have time to grind and brew coffee on the weekends, so I really enjoy this!! I use an old fashioned glass & metal coffee pot on a gas stove.

Jess Briske (Richmond, US)

First time trying this coffee great flavor not bitter will get again

Kevin Strahan (Lafayette, US)
Tastebuds r n Heaven

Delicious coffee my tastebuds can’t wait for the next pot the best coffee I have ever tasted


I was really looking forward to trying this new company/coffee. They were great. I’m very satisfied.


Excellent coffee. Was looking forward to really trying this one.

Phillip Bohde (Indianapolis, US)
Saf is very good #3 of this batch.

It's good but not my favorite.