Forgotten Ruin Dark Addiction Coffee Roast 12oz

Forgotten Ruin Dark Addiction Coffee Roast 12oz

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Whether fighting against a rush of orcs or going for the Thor High Score, this robust, intensely caffeinated coffee is just what you need to BE MEANER THAN IT.

Straight from the pages of the wildly popular Forgotten Ruin novels by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole, this amazing dark roast is perfect for those who like to pair bold coffee with amazing stories.

Grab a cup of Blackout Coffee and find your next dark addiction with Forgotten Ruin! 

Contains 12 oz of coffee in each bag.

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Customer Reviews

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Steven Steiner
This Ruin won't be forgotten

Had a 20oz cup this morning and the taste was great with no bitterness!

Gonna keep feeding this Dark Addiction!

Dawn Lankford
Better than the other coffee with “Black” in the name!

I love coffee! I have tried dozens of coffee brands and several subscriptions over the years, however, Blackout Coffee and this “Forgotten Ruin Dark Addiction “ is my favorite thus far!

Kenneth Allan
I like but

Good eye opener but not my favorite flavor notes. It is strong and robust but there a note at the end I don’t care for but it get a little better when it cools down a little. Does mean it not a good coffee! It just me!

Darrel J
Bold !!!!!

Very good coffee with bold and strong flavor...and as long as this company is around this is the only place I will buy coffee from ...thanks to Jared for talking about Blackout coffee in his videos !!!!

Derek Farrell
Great Coffee for a Great Book Series

Talker would approve! If you are a fan of Forgotten Ruin, GE or any of the excellent books by Anspach & Cole, this is the coffee to sip as you read. Great flavour (sorry British LOL), nice body and smooth, everything you would want in your canteen for a hard day smiting down Orcs and Trolls. Seriously, give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Shawn Kelly
Where's the 5lb bags

Ordered this to get free shipping and loved it. Now that I'm addicted put it in 5lb bags please. Also went and read the book after liking the coffee. The books also five stars.

Jake Lee
Great taste and less filling!!

This is a great coffee blend that could be straight out of Portugon! Just need to find me some magic sugar to add to it and I would have a Talker Special! Weather you are just going to your nine to five, or getting recharged for the next pump. This coffee leads the way!

Oh man this is good!

I am addicted to Forgotten Ruin. Every cup make me forget the world for a little while. Great aroma, deep flavor, this is my go to coffee.

Great dark coffee!

I found this coffee after getting an email from one of my favorite authors about a tie in they were doing with Blackout Coffee for one of their series (Forgotten Ruin) and decided to give it a go. I'm glad I did! Very dark, well caffeinated, great flavor! After my initial order I've since bought more and will continue to do so. I would absolutely recommend this coffee if you like the darker brews!