2A Medium Roast Coffee Bag 12oz

2A Medium Roast Coffee

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Balanced, full-bodied medium roast with an incredible smooth finish. This 2nd Amendment coffee roast has enough caffeine to keep you on your toes and stay alert for anything that comes your way.

By purchasing this roast you will be supporting the GUNS & GADGETS YouTube Channel and the 2nd Amendment Rights of every American.

Contains 12 oz of coffee in each bag.

All coffee is freshly roasted by hand and is shipped from our facility within 1-2 business day(s). For shipping itself you should expect the shipping carrier to take 1-5 business days to deliver your package.

We offer FREE shipping for the 48 Contiguous States in the USA on all orders over $49. Coffee Club orders ship FREE.

Coffee Club orders ship FREE for the 48 Contiguous States in the USA. Coffee Club currently NOT available in these US States & Territories:

Alaska, American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

Coffee Club subscription orders may be cancelled or pause up to 48 hours prior to Your subscription date.

Roasts with a Purpose

Not only these coffee roasts are top of the line coffee, they roasted to perfection. A percentage of these roasts sales are donated to support defending the 2nd Amendment rights.

2nd Amendment Partner Roast
No Compromise GOA Partner Roast

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Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Hilton

Enjoy the taste, good flavor. I like coffee that tastes like coffee.

Janet K
Great coffee, but the grind is too coarse.

I have tried a dozen coffee companies after deciding to stop subscribing from Black Rifle. None of the coffees I tried were great until I found Blackout. I’m impressed with the smoothness and flavor of the 2A, but the grind is a bit coarse which requires me to use more coffee grinds that I ever did with other coffee brands. It would be nice to have a choice on how fine the grind is. Good coffee, nonetheless.

Best Coffee we have had!

Since getting a better machine (pour over) and deciding to get better coffee, we have tried many brands. BLACKOUT Coffee 2A is the best. Not only are we happy with this coffee, but we are supporting the 2A freedom. We are happy to support Jared, support 2A, and the best part is.........the coffee.

Shane Johnson
Morning happiness

Amazing cup of coffee. I start my day with a large cup of 2A coffee to help me through my long morning drive. By far my favorite cup of coffee. Even Monday mornings are a lot better now.

John J.
Great tasting medium roast!

Exactly the medium roast taste I was looking for and I get to support the 2nd ammendment with each bag. This will be one I'm coming back to after I try some other roasts.


Make Coffee Great Again by buying yourself Black Coffee Co. You won't regret it!

Clyde Carlile
Smoothest ever

I enjoy the 2A coffee. It is smooth, sweet with the right amount of acidity for bite. I use the Hario V60 cone paper filter pour system. The freshly roasted 2A coffee beans has delivered the best coffee I have ever tasted. I have always used store bought coffee and started using store bought coffee beans about five years ago. After reviewing some YouTube videos from a renown expert, James Hoffman, I learned about getting freshly roasted beans for the best coffee. I chose BlackOut coffee because it is Veteran owned and an American business. They have delivered.

Outstanding grind!

This is by far the smoothest roast we’ve ground, absolutely terrific taste and easy on the body!

2A Coffee

The 2A medium roasted coffee is hands down the best medium roast I have ever had. Just great true coffee taste without any bitterness or other added flavors.
I haven’t tried my other selections yet, lol..
Would have given 5 stars but didn’t only because of the crazy amount of spamming emails & texts, will probably be blocking soon which will be unfortunate as will probably make me miss good deal…. But gotta deal with it one way or another…